You Have The FREEDOM To Play Tournaments On Your Own Time! 

Discover how you can play competitive tournaments all year round without having to take off work, and play in a perfect 70 degrees. 

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With a 9 to 5 job and kids, it's hard to fit in a weekend tournament. 

Not to mention a typical tournament takes up to 5 to 6 hours to complete. 

Who has time for that...

How many tournaments have you played where it's 40 degrees and windy? 

It never fails that tournament day is a bad weather day. 

What if you and your buddies could play tournament golf on your own time in a perfect 70 degrees year-round? 

How many tournaments could you fit in this year? 

How much more fun is golf in a climate-controlled facility? 

Think about how you could connect with your golfing buddies more often.

Think about what all you could get done on the weekends if you could play 2X faster.  

Competing in tournaments has never been more convenient with a busy schedule. 

You deserve to enjoy golf and connect with your friends more often. 

Having a place to get away from the world and listen to good music, watch sports, and have a cold one is something every golfer needs. 

Golf is your therapy!!!

Play On Your Own Time

Play Faster

Climate Controlled 

How Tournaments Work

Typically you have to show up on tournament day at a specific tee time. 

Not here! 

We have tournament week, not day. 

Yes, that means you and your partner have an entire week to get in your round. 

Now you can schedule whenever it's convenient for you and your playing partner.

However, If you like to compete on an actual tournament day, we have you covered. 

Every tournament, you have an entire week to complete your round of golf. 

We will then have an actual tournament day where you can RSVP to play with everyone in the tournament. 

Tournament day will include the following: 

  • 4-Hour Bay Rental
  • Catered Food
  • 15% OFF At The Bar
  • Live Tournament Leaderboards

You have never experienced a tournament like this! 

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