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Experience Year-Round Golf Freedom: No More Waiting, Just Playing!

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Are you tired of trying to squeeze in golf and being sidelined during the harsh winter months?

Are you a dedicated golfer with a bustling family life and a demanding work schedule?

Do you dread the thought of stashing away your clubs during the cold winter months?

We've got great news for you!

At Texas Wedge, we understand the challenges you face, and we've designed the perfect solution to keep you on the greens all year round.

The Challenge - Balancing Family, Work, and Golf

Juggling it all without sacrificing your golf game.

Your family and work commitments are your top priorities, and rightly so.

But what about your passion for golf?

The fear of seeing your game deteriorate due to lack of play can take the fun out of golf, leaving you torn between responsibilities and leisure.

Texas Wedge: Your Year-Round Golf Sanctuary

We make golf an integral part of your life, no matter how busy it gets.

Texas Wedge offers you the ultimate solution.

Our indoor golf simulator facility lets you enjoy golf on your terms, no matter how jam-packed your schedule is.

Plus, winter is no longer the enemy – it's just another season to relish golf, comfortably shielded from the cold.

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Membership Benefits for Busy Families and Professionals

Rekindle your golf passion and escape the "failer" trap.

  • Flexible Hours: Our flexible hours cater to your unique schedule, ensuring you can hit the greens when it suits you best.

  • Year-Round Golf: Say goodbye to winter blues. Enjoy golfing all year, keeping your skills sharp and your passion alive.

  • Family-Friendly: Create lasting memories with your loved ones. Texas Wedge is family-friendly, making it a great opportunity to bond over the sport you adore.

  • Beat the "Skill Lapse Trap: Regular play is key to an enjoyable golf game. Texas Wedge ensures you're always on top of your game, preventing the dreaded "skill lapse" due to lack of play.

Improve Your Golf Game

It's not just about playing more; it's about playing better.

  • Private Golf Lessons: As a member, you'll enjoy a 15% discount on private golf lessons with our expert instructors, helping you refine your skills and take your game to the next level.

  • Weekly Golf Instructional Masterclasses: Access exclusive instructional masterclasses through our member app, equipping you with the tips and techniques to continually improve your golfing skills.

Join Texas Wedge - Elevate Your Golf Experience

Elevate your golf game, and never let lack of play hinder your fun.

By becoming a member of Texas Wedge, you're not only investing in golf.

You're investing in your well-being.

Enjoy golf without compromise, and escape the "failer" trap that plagues those who can't play consistently.

Claim Your Texas Wedge Membership and Golf on Your Terms!

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Your Plan for Success

Follow these steps to elevate your golfing journey.

  1. Become A Member: Your first step is joining our Texas Wedge family. Membership gives you the keys to year-round golf and exclusive benefits.

  2. Join The Community: Connect with fellow golf enthusiasts who understand your passion. Share experiences, participate in events, and enjoy the camaraderie of a dedicated golfing community.

  3. Schedule A One-On-One Session: Take full advantage of your membership by scheduling a one-on-one session with our TrackMan Simulator Professional. Fine-tune your skills, address specific challenges, and ensure your game is always at its best.

Membership Options

Choose the membership that best fits your needs!




  • Pay $0 Monday-Thursday For Up To 60-Minutes/Day
  • Bonus Items ⏬ 🎉
  • 15% OFF League Fees
  • 15% OFF Golf Lessons




  • Pay $0 During Member Hours Up to 1.5 Hours/day
  • Unlimited Guest Passes
  • Bonus Items ⏬ 🎉
  • 15% OFF Bay Rentals
  • 15% OFF League Fees
  • 15% OFF Golf Lessons




  • Pay $0 Every Day For Up To Two Hours/Day 
  • Unlimited Guest Passes
  • 15% OFF At The Bar
  • Family Pass 
  • After Hour Package 
  • All Gold Membership Bonus Items
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TW Black



  • Pay $0 Every Day For Up To 3 Hours/Day  
  • 15% OFF AT The Bar 
  • List Up To 4 Key Employees
  • After Hour Package
  • 15% OFF Events 
  • All Gold Membership Bonus Items
  • One Business Ad Spot In Bar Books
  • Company Logo on Website
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More Information

 *Gold Member Hours:  Monday-Thursday(All Day) | Friday (9:00 AM - 4:00 PM) | Sunday: (4:00 PM - 10:00 PM) | Up to 1.5 Hours Per Day

Don't let time constraints or winter weather hinder your love for golf.

Embrace the freedom of year-round golfing at Texas Wedge. Make golf a part of your everyday life and join a community that shares your passion. Get started today, and you'll never have to put up your clubs again! See you on the greens at Texas Wedge.

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Talk to a real person, and let us walk you through everything you need to know about membership here at Texas Wedge. 


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