We Don't Offer Golf Lessons; We Offer A Mentorship. 

Discover the turnkey coaching program that takes you from inconsistency to consistency, all without wasting money on one-off private golf lessons. 

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Most golf instruction doesn't give clear direction by the end of the lesson. 

Have you ever taken a lesson that left you confused, overwhelmed, and lost as to what you need to do next?

I sure have...

Does any of these statements describe you?

  • I left the lesson with no clear direction.
  • The lesson was too complicated.
  • The lesson lacked substance. 
  • I didn't know what to do on the range the next day. 
  • I had too many things to think about. 
  • I didn't see any progress.

I've had too many lessons that left me either overwhelmed or confused about how I would get better. 

Most golf instruction looks like this:

  • The golf instructor looks at your swing (maybe with a video camera)
  • Shows you what your doing wrong.
  • Has you hit a few balls trying to correct your problem.
  • Give you one or two drills.

That's it...

Now if you've never been apart of a coaching program that might seem normal to you. 

Let me just tell you, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! 

See What Our Clients Are Saying 

-Tod Bezner

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It's 100% possible to enjoy the game again, shoot lower scores, and become a consistent golfer! 


I want to offer you the opportunity to join our Golf Coaching Mentorship Program. 

It's time for you actually to see a return on your investment. 


The turnkey coaching program that takes you from inconsistency to consistency, all without wasting money on one-off private golf lessons. 

Our Performance Coaching Program will help you create: 


Long Lasting Habits

Golf is just a bunch of habits built over time. Therefore, you can only create consistency with habit creation. 

Performance Driven Strategy 

Having clear direction when you play, and practice is vital to your success. We will lay out a clear action plan so you can stop guessing. 

Clear Mindsets

It's easy to get confused and frustrated when practicing and playing golf. With the correct mindsets, practice and playing will be much more productive and purposeful.  

See What Our Clients Are Saying 

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 Our program is focused on 4 core areas: 


✅ Creating habits that last a lifetime


✅ Optimizing your practice sessions


✅ Developing your course management skills 


✅ Creating mindsets that lead to success 


With those 4 components in place and optimized, you will see results that you have never seen before. 

You will enjoy practicing again because you will have purpose and direction. 

As long as you put in the work - you will see the results! 


Let's Discuss Your Goals 

Schedule a 20-minute phone call with one of our coaches, and let's talk about how we can get your golf game in the best shape it's ever been. 

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There are two types of golf lessons...

Most lessons leave you confused and with no clear direction. 

The best lessons end with a massive amount of progress and a clear action plan that guides you into reaching your goals. 

Do you want results that have long-term effects? 

Right now you may feel stuck in a rut in your golf game. 

You may even feel discouraged because you can't see a clear path to reaching your goals. 

You've tried YouTube and several instructors but have seen little to no results. 

It doesn't have to be this way.

When you hire me as your coach you will no longer be lost or discouraged in your journey to gain massive success in your golf game. 

Imagine one year from today...

You have developed a golf swing you can rely on every time you sep on the golf course. 

Imagine a short game that allows you to get up and down almost every time you miss a green. 

What if you could finally break 100, 90, 80, or even 70 for the first time. 

You could walk on the practice area every time with a custom practice plan that allows you to 10X your results. 

You can develop the golf game you have always wanted. 

Schedule your evaluation and let's get to work! 

Your Golf Game Could Change Forever!  

Unlock the path to your best golf ever without wasting money on golf lessons without a plan in just one 20-minute phone call. 

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It's Time To See Results 

"I shot 74 today in my tournament at Brackenridge, San Antonio. I hit 10 GIR's and no 3-putts. There are some good girls here. I finished in the top 10. Thanks Wade! "

-Lainey Cristan

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