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3 Tips To Fix Your Slice | Master Your Golf Swing

instructional tips Jul 07, 2023


Are you frustrated with your slice ruining your golf game?

Look no further, as we bring you three valuable tips to fix that slice and take your golf swing to the next level.

Join us as we delve into the key aspects of your swing, right here at Texas Wedge Indoor Golf in beautiful Lubbock, Texas.

1. How To Fix Your Grip:
A proper grip is the cornerstone of a consistent golf swing. In this section, we will guide you through the steps to fix your grip and gain better control over your shots. Our expert instructors will teach you the proper hand placement and grip pressure to achieve a neutral grip. Mastering the correct grip is essential to square the clubface at impact and eliminate that troublesome slice.

2. Why Your Takeaway is Creating Your Slice:
Your takeaway sets the stage for the rest of your swing, and an incorrect takeaway can lead to a slice. Join us as we explain the connection between your takeaway and the slice you've been battling.

Wade will break down common mistakes made during the takeaway phase.

We will provide you with valuable drills and exercises designed to improve your takeaway and promote a more desirable swing path, helping you eliminate that slice once and for all.

3. How Your Wrists at the Top of the Backswing are Opening the Clubface:
The wrists play a critical role in the swing.

Discover how your wrists at the top of the backswing can inadvertently open the clubface, leading to an over-the-top swing and, ultimately, a slice.

Our expert instructors will demonstrate effective drills and techniques to help you develop a solid wrist position at the top of your backswing.

By mastering this aspect, you'll be able to initiate a more efficient downswing and achieve straighter, more accurate shots.

If you're tired of battling a slice in your golf game, this video will give you all the tools you need to correct your slice.

With our expert instructors and comprehensive golf lessons, we'll help you fix your grip, correct your takeaway, and perfect your wrist position.

Say goodbye to that slice and hello to a more powerful, accurate, and consistent swing.

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Join us at Texas Wedge, and let's transform your golf game together.

Don't let a slice hold you back – take the first step towards a better swing today!