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How To Record Your Swing On The TrackMan Simulator

simulator tips Feb 07, 2024

A Set-By-Step Guide to Recording Your Swing on TrackMan

Today's blog is all about demystifying the art of recording your swing on the TrackMan Simulator. 🎥⛳

Let's Dive In:

📱 How To Connect Your Phone:
Grab your iPhone, and I'll show you the ropes on connecting it to TrackMan. No tech wizardry here, just straightforward steps to get you ready to capture that perfect swing.

⚙️ The Proper Settings:
Ever wondered about the best settings for recording? We've got you covered. Learn the ropes for optimal clarity in your swing footage. No more blurry swings – we promise!

🔄 How To Set Up The TrackMan Software:
Setting up your swing analysis just got a whole lot easier. I'll walk you through the ideal configuration, ensuring you get every ounce of insight from your session.

📧 How To Send Yourself Your Videos:
Sending your swing videos to yourself shouldn't be rocket science. I'll share the simplest way to get those clips in your inbox, ready for review and improvement.

Ready for Action?

Head over to our latest YouTube video and let's make recording your swing as casual as a Sunday round with friends.

Don't forget to book your tee time at and put those newfound skills to the test.

Happy swinging,

-Wade (Owner)

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