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Plan Your Perfect TrackMan Golf Round with Advanced Course Customization

trackman Jun 28, 2023

TrackMan has released an update that allows for planning golf rounds ahead of time and customizing your simulator experience. Maximize your time and enjoyment with this new feature, tailoring your rounds to your preferences!


Streamlining Course Selection

With the new planning feature, players can easily select the course they want to play. By simply clicking on their desired course, golfers can initiate a virtual round tailored to their preferences. Whether it's a renowned championship course or a local gem, players have the freedom to choose golfing destination. You can save multiple sets of planned rounds for easy access in the future. By navigating to the "My Plan Rounds" section, golfers can view and manage their saved rounds. This feature eliminates the need to recreate the desired settings for each round and saves valuable time.

So, what can be customized for your tee time? Let’s take a look. 


Customizing the Round

Tee and Round Types

Once a course is selected, players can further personalize their experience by choosing from a range of options. Starting with the tees, golfers can select their preferred level of challenge. Whether it's the black, purple, or orange tees, players can choose their comfort level or opt for a more demanding round.

Exploring Different Round Formats

Golfers can also customize the type of round they want to play. From stroke play to match play, gross stroke to net Stableford, players have various formats to choose from. Additionally, they can decide whether to play the entire 18-hole course or focus on the front or back nine, offering flexibility and catering to different preferences.

Fine-Tuning the Gameplay

To enhance the realism and challenge of the virtual round, players have the option to adjust putting settings. By choosing settings like auto two-putt or adjusting the gimme distance, golfers can simulate real-world putting scenarios. Furthermore, they can select their desired pin difficulty, ensuring an experience that matches their skill level. 


Course Settings for Immersive Gameplay

The planning feature allows players to control various course settings, enhancing the overall experience. Toggle options for weather conditions, making it breezy or calm, adjusting the firmness of fairways and greens, or replicating the feel of different course conditions. Additionally, players can select their preferred step of the green, ensuring a realistic putting experience. 


Seamless Transition to the Virtual Round  

When golfers are ready to play their planned round, the process is simple and efficient. By scanning a code or using a designated method, players can access their saved round directly. This eliminates the need for additional setup time or navigating through menus, ensuring a smooth and immersive transition from planning to playing.

With the ability to plan, save, and seamlessly access rounds, players can maximize their enjoyment and efficiency, spending more time on the green and less time on administrative tasks.

Have you used TrackMan App to play at Texas Wedge? We’d love to hear about your experience. 

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Wade Fullingim | Director of Instruction | CEO of Texas Wedge

Wade is a born and raised West Texas Teaching Golf Professional. He has been in the golf business since 2013 and has given more than 6,000 golf lessons in his career. He has led 14 and counting high school golfers to the collegiate level and has worked with golfers in the professional circuit. 

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